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School leader 2016

Hi, I’m Ruby-Lily Howse and and I am running for school captain, vice captain and sports captain. I would be a great school leader because I am responsible, take pride in our school and I am a good role model…. Continue Reading →

I am reading The book of lies by Terry Terri

T3 W9 Run That Town

Run that town My population is 69% I think this is because I sometimes listen to the elderly and sometimes listen to the younger people so I am usually around the 50 mark. I always try to do what the… Continue Reading →

BTN summary

Olympic success  This year Australian goverment spent a lot of money training the athletes so that they had a better chance at winning gold, since they dropped to eighth on the medal tally at the London Olympics. To their disappointment… Continue Reading →

Leadership tagul

Council letter

Prime minister

Blogging guidelines

Blogging Guidelines: 1.Dont comment any personal information 2.Dont post any individual pictures of yourself 3. only positive or constructive comments 4. Give constructive criticism 5. No course language 6. No rude comments 7.  You will only be identified by your first name… Continue Reading →

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